img_1812Pondering the questions of life, the Cookie Monster once asked,

“What is a friend?” He then famously responded, “A friend is someone to share the last cookie with.”

In student ministries at Christ Church, we take our cookies and our friendships seriously. We bring the two together by taking cookies over to one of our partner high schools, White Station once a month! On Tuesday, September 27th, we will be there after school lets out to deliver free cookies to students and teachers. This gives us a chance to build friendships and relationships with both students from Christ Church that attend the school, as well as forming new ones.

You might be thinking, “Why cookies? What does that have to do with church?” The reason is because it is a simple and tangible way that we can express our love to the teenagers in our neighborhood. They may never set foot inside the walls of our church, but they may remember sometime down the road this crazy group of adults who came and gave them cookies with no agenda or secret pitch. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll think about giving church a chance. And you would be surprised the number of times that the staff has been told, “Thank you so much! I was having such a bad day, and this helps a lot.” And that’s what it’s all about – loving teenagers.

We would be unable to do this without the help of volunteers that are gifted in baking (or able to stop by Kroger to pick some up!) Would you help us to tangibly love the students of White Station High School by providing two dozen cookies, bagged two cookies per baggie, by next Tuesday, September 27 at Noon? If so, sign up today here! More questions? Contact our our High School Director, Mike Fitzpatrick.


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