When the Cloutiers went to Texas a few years ago to visit their then college-age daughter Meagan, little did they know that God was up to something.

Family members from Texas told Meagan, an elementary education major, about a summer internship with Project Transformation (PT) sponsored by their local United Methodist church. When Meagan got the job, the entire Cloutier clan—dad Mike, mom Kathryn and siblings John Michael, James and Abbie—went to visit and volunteered to read with elementary students at the summer literacy program.

“It was great to experience what Meagan was doing,” Kathryn said. “Beyond just helping kids improve their reading skills, PT helps connect kids and their families to the local church. After we witnessed this, Mike said, ‘We need this in Memphis.’”

Project Transformation has its roots in the United Methodist Church and last year formed its own national nonprofit group. What began as an internship for Meagan and a volunteer outing for her family led to meetings with the PT leaders from Nashville and a few years later to the development of two literacy camps in Memphis.

“Even though the initial meeting with PT didn’t immediately start PT here, it did spawn the seed of an idea of reading camps that Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR) ran with and uses today,” Mike said. “Meagan was a participant in the first MTR camp and is now is a MTR teacher. God’s timing is always best!”

In addition, as only God can orchestrate, this summer Meagan is the Memphis PT Summer Programming Director.

Christ Church will sponsor another week at PT July 10-13, and 12 more readers are needed. To sign up to read or to find out other ways to support this work, visit ChristChurchMemphis.org/GetGoing.

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