For 17-year-old Anna Kate Nearn, both participating and serving in our Christ Church Student Ministry are important tools in helping her grow in her Christian walk. “I go to youth group to be in community with my D-Group, with all of high school, and I go help with middle school,” she said. “Community helps me just learning through other people’s experiences, and sharing those with each other is very important to my walk.”

Throughout the Bible, the importance of community is emphasized, and relationships are key to our spiritual growth. Anna Kate says she is passionate about serving with middle school students to guide those younger than her. “That seed was planted when I was in middle school, and I looked up to the girls and guys in high school who would come help,” she said.

Anna Kate believes it’s important to live a life that resembles Jesus’ life, not only to glorify Him but also to show middle schoolers and younger kids how to live like Him. “That was something that those high schoolers provided for me when I was going through middle school and those hard, awkward times,” she said. “It really helped me in my walk with Christ. Just to be able to scratch the surface of what they did for me—to do that for younger kids—is just a huge blessing.”

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