Quarantine provides for a unique time of bonding for mother & son while building a climbing wall

Guest post by Christ Church member Dawn Hawkins Weaver

My 20-year-old son Carter is a route setter at High Point Climbing and Fitness. At first, he thought he would be able to continue to work during this time. However, when the Safer at Home Order went into place, Carter had to come up with Plan B. To be a route setter you have to be in shape. Sitting on the couch for too long doesn’t help you stay in shape. Carter decided to build a climbing wall. As a family, we contemplated different areas in and around the house for a 7 foot x 12 foot climbing wall! Outside would be ideal, but what about the rain, heat, bugs, etc.? We decided he could use our sunroom. It was on my “COVID to-do list” to turn the area into usable space. I guess I found my use!

Carter measured and calculated and ordered wood and supplies. He had never built anything from scratch — well, a birdhouse or toolbox at Home Depot when he was a little boy — but here we go! Mike and I stayed out of the way of the building process and let him do his thing. After three days of sawing and hammering, the structure came to life. Actually, two structures! 

After Carter finished, he said, “Mom, will you paint something cool on my board for me?” Of course I would! After all, I am an art teacher! He and I got out in the garage. We pulled out EVERY can of paint that had ever been used on any wall or project in this house. We had a lot to choose from! He showed me some ideas he had found, and we came up with a plan together. We hauled ALL the different cans of paint to the sunroom and began.

We laughed and laughed at the smelly paint, the cans that we had to pry open with pliers and screwdriver and the strange color combination! We started the creation.

When we finished and stepped back, he said, “Mom, it looks awesome! I love it! You did a good job!” I said, “WE did a good job!” It only took one evening to paint the design on the wall, but we created a bonded memory for a lifetime!  This is a great moment I will cherish about COVID-19.

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