What can two hours of your time on an autumn afternoon in Memphis do to change the world?

The fourth Christ Feeds food packaging event is on Saturday, October 19.

Just a two-hour shift by 800 volunteers will send more than 285,000 meals the hungry  in Tanzania.

Keep reading to learn more about Tanzania from our own Jason Hood as well as a first-hand account from Richard Schelp as he delivered the  meals in Zambia that were packaged in our previous Christ Feeds.

For  information and to sign up, visit cumcmemphis.org/christfeeds

JASON HOOD, our former scholar-in-residence, and his wife Emily and their four children recently decided to leave Memphis to minister full time in Tanzania. Reflecting on the influence the Christ Feeds program will have in his new home, Jason says:

Christ Feeds 2012 shipment to Zambia

There’s a remarkable amount of need, but also a remarkable amount of opportunity, which makes Tanzania an exciting place to invest and labor for Jesus.

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world, struggling to balance resources with a growing population in a climate that is unpredictable.

Westerners trying to help often face remarkable cultural and political obstacles. Proven opportunities to serve like the feeding program are a reliable way to seriously benefit those in need.

RICHARD SCHELP, Christ Church member, reflects on how the success of Christ Feeds for Zambia:

As I was walking along the dirty, dusty roads in Chainda, Zambia with the wonderful people of Mercy Ministries School, I couldn’t help but think of our Christ Feeds event that occurred only seven months earlier in Beaty Gym. 

You see, we were on our annual trip to Zambia, and we were handing out a small portion of the food that was packaged in the Christ Methodist gym.  The container that I saw leave the campus on that unseasonably warm day in November, I saw again in June sitting on the property of Mercy Ministries in Zambia. 

10,000 miles away and halfway around the world these people truly received what the Lord created through those wonderful 1,000 volunteers.

Children in Zambia fed by Christ Feeds III

Did your work at Christ Feeds III really make a difference?  Of course, it did.  When we spent that Friday in June going house-to-house to deliver the packaged food, we saw people who were starving, who were deathly ill, and most of all–we saw people without hope. 

However, this food, as simple as it seems, had a magnificent quality to it.  It wasn’t just keeping people alive, but it was renewing their faith in the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. 

One gentleman by the name of Joe, horribly sick with tuberculosis, gave his life over to Jesus Christ when he saw what we were bringing him. 

Then of course, there were the Grannies.  These lovely senior ladies, who are so important to their community, are weak and many times they just want to give up. However, the food we created is literally what keeps them from dying. 

As one of the Grannies said to us, “the grave keeps calling for me to come, but then I get this food and I say ‘hold on. I can’t go just yet. I have food to eat’.”

Two hours of your time, in a gym in Memphis, can change the world.


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