Starting this week, a group of lay ministers began calling CUMC families to ask some basic questions: How are you doing? Is there anything we can pray about? Is there anything you want to mention back to the life of the church? Is there anything you need?

These lay ministers, or “connectors,” are part of Christ Connect, a new ministry at CUMC designed to connect with each CUMC family. Initially, the program will begin with 500 homes and will expand as more volunteers come on board.

“We are calling them connectors because they are connecting from our church, connecting from our hearts in Jesus Christ and connecting to build lasting relationships,” said Rev. Dr. Cynthia Davis, executive director of Serving & Engagement. The connectors will shepherd their group of households and will make calls every three months to the same families to build relationships.

Connectors include:christ-connect-connectors-cropped

  • John Avola
  • Anne Blackmon
  • Bob Blackmon
  • Tom Burrow
  • Mary Nelle Cook
  • Linda Headley
  • Miller Delgadillo
  • Brenda Sanford
  • Jo Woolfolk
  • Marijane Turnbow
  • David Burton
  • John Turner
  • Diane Land

“This is part of our new approach to serving and engagement, making sure that there’s no one in our church who falls through the cracks,” said Senior Pastor Dr. Shane Stanford.

If there is an immediate need for a pastor, the connectors will notify the Congregational Care office. “We are empowering them to love like Jesus and extend warm and gracious hospitality,” Cynthia said. “We are building up and strengthening the body of Christ through tangible, grace-filled actions.”

More volunteers will be needed as this ministry expands. If you’re interested in serving as a connector, contact Rev. Dr. Cynthia Davis, 261-4386.

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