For the fifth year, the Christ College Residency Program welcomes a team of college interns into the life and ministry of Christ Church over the course of the summer.

I came to share in the fellowship at Christ Church because of my own time in the Residency Program in 2011, and I’m proud to have been the first resident who ended up joining the church staff.GC Residency program

We also recently added to our team the second resident to join the church staff, Michael Bowman, who is the new Boys Coordinator in Student Ministry. Michael completed residencies in 2011 and 2012.

You can check out the posts on the Christ Church Blog about the past two years of the Residency Program:

“This is an important part of Christ Church’s ministry,” says Philip Tallon, who directs the Program. “We invest heavily in these college students by training them for ministry. They get to have some ‘hands on’ experience working in the church, while also learning a lot through their summer classes with about the big story of the Bible. The interns are also a blast to have around. They inject some fun and fresh energy during the summer. We’re very excited to have this incredible group of thirteen young men and women.”

Aside from their class time and activities together, each resident serves in a particular ministry area of the church alongside staff.

They have already completed their first month, and will be with us through the end of July. Greet them as you see them around campus!

Kelsey DefreeceKelcey DeFreece

Student Ministries – 11th and 12th grade girls

University of Arkansas

Major: Occupational Therapy

“I hate needles, shots, blood, veins, wrists, and anything that has to do with the doctor. I often pass out without reason.”


Jefferson DouglasJefferson Douglas

Worship & Production

University of Tennessee Knoxville

Major: Logistics

“ Go Vols”



John GibbsJohn Gibbs

Student Ministries – 7th and 8th grade guys

University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Major: Biology

“I love you.”


Andrew HallAndrew Hall

Worship & Pastoral Care

Florida State University

Major: Law Enforcement Intelligence

“I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.”


Yonee JeffersonYonee Jefferson

Student Ministries – 9th and 10th grade girls

Mississippi State University

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

“I want to own a zoo with only goats and sea turtles.”


Katherine KramerKatherine Kramer


University of Southern Mississippi –recently graduated

Major: Music Education

“I used to collect rocks.”


Lauren Lea ManheinLauren Lea Manhein


Belmont University

Major: Christian Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship

“Amo a gente.”


Mitchell MarinoMitchell Marino

Student Ministry – 11th and 12th grade guys

University of Tennessee Knoxville

Major: Finance

“Go Birds”


Casey MehnerCasey Mehner

Student Ministries – 7th and 8th grade girls

Southeast Missouri State University

Major: Social Work and Spanish

“Hakuna Matata”


Bennett MercerBennett Mercer

Children’s Ministries

Texas Christian University

Major: undeclared and undecided

“Never do anything I wouldn’t do. But, if you do, take pictures.” –Bill Blair


Zach PorterZach Porter

Student Ministries – 9th and 10th grade guys

University of Kentucky

Major: Electrical Engineering

“Sinning is for losers.”


Laura TubervilleLaura Tuberville

College Ministry

University of Tennessee Knoxville – recently graduated

Major: Child & Family Studies and Psychology

“Go Grizz”



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