There are some new faces on the Christ Church staff, and we are excited to welcome them and their families to the Christ Church family! 

Ambrose Chisholm, High School Director
Ambrose attended the University of Central Oklahoma, where he was a collegiate wrestler. He has lived in Memphis for the past six years. Ambrose found his way to Memphis via Downline, where he participated in the Downline Emerging Leaders Program. After completing the program, Ambrose landed a position with the Binghampton Development Corporation, where he served as a Student Outreach Coordinator for the past four years. Ambrose has served students at both the Cornerstone Prep Denver and Lester campuses. It is actually at Cornerstone Prep Denver where he met his wife, Annie. Ambrose and Annie were married last November, and they are expecting a baby boy in December.

Because Ambrose was a former NCAA college wrestler, he has a passion for the sport and assisted with coaching wrestling at Briarcrest Christian School for several years. This year, he is helping coach wrestling at East High School. His other passions include playing the piano, Spikeball and board games, and he is a diehard Oklahoma Sooners fan.

With the addition of Ambrose to the Student Ministries staff, here are the responsibilities for each staff member:

Mackay Lee: Director of Student Ministries/MS Ministries
June Clare Pilcher: Associate Director of MS Ministries
Ambrose Chisholm: Director of HS Ministries
Casi Stansbury: Associate Director of HS Ministries/Student Worship

Katie Sue Bailey, Live Sound Engineer
Katie Sue, her husband, Craig, and two girls, Cami (4) and Aveline (2), come to Christ Church from Cincinnati, but they are originally from central Kentucky. Katie Sue has worked in church media since she was in high school, but she has been doing it full time for more than five years—this being her third church. Her favorite part about church media is training volunteers and helping to develop a team environment. Before working full time in church media, she was a small business consultant and graphic designer. 

Katie Sue said her family loves to travel and try new food, and you can always win their girls over by feeding them. “I count it a blessing to have raised my babies in a media booth, and they love the local church just as much as I do,” she said. 

Make sure to welcome Ambrose, Katie Sue and their families when you see them at the church. 

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