Christ Church is blessed with an active Senior Adult Ministry that gathers regularly for luncheons and field trips. Sheahan’s Senior Safaris honors the memory of Mike Sheahan, who served for many years as the chair of the Senior Adult Ministry at Christ Church. One of Mike’s greatest passions was providing opportunities for seniors to enjoy monthly get-togethers, which included lunches and entertainment or tours to places of local interest. Sheahan’s Senior Safaris recognizes his gifts of service and leadership to Christ Church.

Recently, 21 senior adults toured the Orpheum Theatre. This historic treasure in downtown Memphis has adorned the corner of Main and Beale since the late 1800s. The safari travelers got a guided tour that took them on the stage for a view of what the stars see and then backstage where the walls are covered with signed paintings of all the famous plays that have stopped at the Orpheum as well as the many dressing rooms it takes for a major production like The Lion King or Phantom of the Opera

“We even learned about Mary, the ghost of the Orpheum, and Mary’s light, which is never dimmed even when the rest of the theatre is pitch black,” said Dick Cockrell, who co-chairs Sheahan’s Senior Safaris along with his wife, Ellen. “Mary has a preferred box seat but sometimes chooses to go on stage as she did when she rubbed the shoulder of Yul Brynner in the middle of his great role in The King and I.” 

Along with the Orpheum tour, they drove down Riverside Drive to look at the mighty Mississippi River, which was at the fourth highest level in Memphis history. They also ate lunch at the Trolley Stop Market where they feasted on BLT sandwiches and pimento cheese, tomato bisque and classic Reuben sandwiches.

The next Sheahan Senior Safari is Friday, April 5 when they will visit Rowan Oak in Oxford, MS. Cost: $5 plus lunch at the Beacon; RSVP to Libby Shackelford, (901) 683-6887. View a complete list of 2019 trips at

In addition to field trips, monthly Seasoned Adults Learning Together (SALT) Luncheons offer informative programs tailored just for senior adults. View the 2019 SALT schedule at

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