More than 20,000. That’s how many people now have clean, healthy water as a result of Water is Life.

We not only met our ambitious goal of 25 wells—we exceeded that goal by 6 wells!

That makes 31 wells for eastern Zambia, all because of your contributions.

CUMC member Richard Schelp traveled to Zambia last year with a group from the church to explore the possibilities of providing such a crucial gift to these neighbors of ours in another part of the world.

Upon the conclusion of Water is Life – Zambia, Richard shared his thoughts:

In June of 2013, a small group from CUMC visited one of the villages in Eastern Zambia that had received a new well.  There was a spirit of celebration, incredible joy and a sense of hope in that village Richard Schelpcommunity. There was singing, dancing and a celebration unlike any we have seen in suburban Memphis.

On the other hand, our group went to a few villages that had no well.  Their water came from a stream shared with animals and contained the waste from the nearby villages. It was so sad to see people living this way. These people were suffering and dying at an early age because they didn’t have decent water to drink.

This is where Water is Life comes in. Because of the 31 wells that were funded by Christ Church members, in partnership with the people of Eastern Zambia, thousands of peoples’ lives will be saved. Not just their lives, but more importantly—their souls. Water is the path that leads to eternal life in these villages.  Physical and spiritual.

Wells are already being placed in the ground, and one village sent us this video thanking CUMC for the gift of clean water.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, prayed and supported Water is Life.

It is amazing the difference we can make when we work together sacrificially as the body of Christ—loving Jesus and loving like Jesus.

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