Did you hear a familiar voice on the radio this week?

If you listen during morning or afternoon drive time or even at lunch—and you tune in to FM100 or WRVR104.5—you will probably hear Shane & Maxie. We are taking We Believe in Memphis on the road with a new radio ad campaign designed to highlight the incredible people and organizations making an impact in our city. (If you aren’t familiar with our TV program called We Believe in Memphis, check it out here!)

“We care so much about this city.”

“We want to be an agent for change and an agent for good news in this community.”

“And we are investing ourselves in the needs of the city…”

“We believe Memphis’ best days are ahead of it.”

 These are just a few of the statements Maxie & Shane share in the 60-second commercials, which point people to the website, webeliveinmemphis.org. In addition to 60-second radio spots, the campaign includes targeted display advertising that will appear on popular websites including:

These display ads also direct people to the website, webelieveinmemphis.org, as they tout the many reasons we believe in our city.

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So why radio? Christ Church has a successful history with radio as our own Maxie Dunnam was the founder of a campaign known as Perceptions. We were searching for a way to get back on the airwaves with a positive message, and after meeting with Entercom Memphis, we realized what we were doing through our television program was a natural fit.

In a plan only our amazing God can orchestrate, the employees at our radio partner stations were also looking for a way to make a difference in Memphis. The following is from Entercom’s Director of Sales Rachel DeWitt:

The week prior to meeting with Christ Church, our Market Manager Dan Barron held an internal staff meeting; the topic: “Memphis.” He began by sharing some observations.

  1. When you watch the local news, read about our city or even listen to people talk about Memphis, so often what you hear is negative.
  2. He believed there were many of us in the room who love Memphis and know there are great things happening here each and every day.
  3. He reminded us we have a huge mouthpiece with our Memphis radio stations—and more importantly, that we have a responsibility to use this mouthpiece to make a positive impact in this community.
  4. He ended the meeting with an assignment, should we choose to accept the challenge. “What could we do to use our mouthpiece for the good of the city?”   

My boss was right. I do truly love the Memphis area.

And as much as I had attempted to steer away from the negativity about the city I love, it had over time affected me. I was frustrated from hearing bad news and from hearing Memphians be our own worst critics. I was also envious as I visited Nashville and saw the growth and vibrant economy. Often hearing, seeing and saying negative things creates a disempowering belief system, and I think that’s just what we’ve allowed to be created here at home.

But, what was I doing about it? The honest answer was nothing…personally or professionally. I learned after that meeting that many of my coworkers felt the same way.

Early the following week, we had a meeting with Christ Church Communications Director Jo Ellen (Druelinger) about a completely different initiative. As we talked in the atrium of the church, we asked about a missions banner hanging nearby. Jo Ellen shared the We Believe in Memphis initiative of Christ Church…and it only took listening to Shane and Maxie’s We Believe in Memphis show introduction for us to simply fall in love with it.

Our ability to amplify the message of We Believe in Memphis to the greater Mid-South is an opportunity for us—and a responsibility as a business made up of Mid-Southerners with a vested interest in our community. Through on-air, online and social media messages we will:

  • create awareness throughout the Mid-South of the We Believe in Memphis initiative
  • increase interest in the We Believe in Memphis initiative—and over time, transform it in to a movement
  • get Mid-Southerners involved by:
    • changing the mindset of those who do not yet believe in Memphis
    • empowering those who believe in Memphis to get involved in projects throughout the community
    • encouraging those who want to help spread the word further to donate to the cause

We, at Entercom Memphis, are honored to be part of such an amazing mission and are proud to lend a voice to this campaign. Thank you, Christ Church, so much for allowing us the opportunity to work with you. We believe in Memphis!

>>If you are interested in supporting our We Believe in Memphis initiative, contact Jo Ellen Druelinger, joellend@cumcmemphis.org.

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