Chances are, if you are around the campus of Christ Church for very long you will get to know Marian Bacon. Actually, you might cross paths with her only if you happen to be in Memphis long enough.

Outgoing, friendly, passionate, caring — These are only some of the words Marian’s friends might use to describe her. She is not only a blessing to those she encounters throughout the day, but she is also frequently putting her humanitarian spirit to work on behalf of the less fortunate in our society. She stands up for the people in our city facing challenges ranging from homelessness to disabilities, and doesn’t do it to be thanked.

Marian has recently been featured in People’s World, an online news magazine, for her work at the Memphis Center for Independent Living. In the article she describes both the mission of the Center and her own reasons for sharing in that mission.

Read the article by clicking here.


Special thanks to Tana Miller Vanderhooft for the photo of Marian at Jacob’s Well in Memphis.

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