Earlier this year before the pandemic, our Children’s Ministry sponsored a Play-Doh Drive for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Le Bonheur goes through numerous containers of Play-Doh each week for play, therapy and education. Collecting Play-Doh is a meaningful and concrete way for our children to serve other children here in Memphis. 

In addition to the Play-Doh Drive, children attending The Journey at the East Ministry Center made thank you stars out of salt dough to give to nurses at Le Bonheur in conjunction with the Play-Doh Drive. Because of COVID-19, the Play-Doh Drive ended abruptly, and Le Bonheur stopped accepting donations.

Recently, Le Bonheur was able to accept the nearly 40 containers of Play-Doh, but was unable to accept the salt dough stars. 

Brad Bogue, Senior Director of Family Ministry, wanted to be sure the stars were donated to nurses working directly with COVID patients. With the help of Christ Church member Liz Wilds, who works in healthcare, the stars made their way to nurses in the COVID units at Methodist University Hospital. Liz recently delivered 61 packages to hospital staff. 

“With this being month five of the pandemic, these will really brighten everyone’s day in the units,” said Liz. “Literally, this is what the hands and feet of Jesus look like—homemade gifts with a message from Christ Church. I have really enjoyed getting to talk about our wonderful church to people during this.” 

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