Christ Church now has a Christian bookstore located on campus that is now open for the public. Facing the Laurelwood Shopping Center from the opposite side of Grove Park, the Cokesbury bookstore which was formerly located on Poplar Avenue is now housed in space previously occupied by the church’s Beaty Athletic Ministry Building.


Cokesbury is the retail division of The United Methodist Publishing House, and they offer a number of products such as choir and clergy robes, Sunday school materials for all ages, music, church supplies, Bibles, and in-depth Bible study and research materials.



I was sitting at the desk when our director of contemporary worship Josh Smith came in with a stack of books on worship and similar topics that he just purchased during his first visit to the store. I then walked over and took a look around myself. I found the Christ Church store to be spacious and inviting, and it has a very helpful and friendly staff. It’s a very useful addition to our campus!




I also picked up a couple of books from the 75% section when I was over there. Starting Monday, June 25 the store will launch an even larger 75% sale for a variety of products so make sure you make a visit this week!



Here are the store’s current hours that are subject to change:

  • 10am to 6pm Monday-Friday
  • 10am to 3pm Saturday
  • Closed on Sunday
Contact the store at 261-4367.
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