Post by our Senior Pastor Shane Stanford

Stress. Anxiety. Fear. These words capture the state of mind of many in America today. We have witnessed dramatic market losses, the collapse of the world’s largest insurance company, bankruptcies and mergers. Every day seems to bring another economic struggle or uncertainty.

If the world were our standard for peace and hope, this would be the end of the story. We would be on our own. Alone. Afraid. But, we know there is more to the story, and we know as the hymn sings how to, face tomorrow…because He lives… Well, you know how it goes.

The past year has been anything but hopeless and fearful at Christ Church. In spite of challenges in our economy, you, the congregation of Christ Church, have given faithfully, consistently, sacrificially and hope-fully to the mission and ministry of what God is doing in this place. For example, Christ Church’s REACH Fund (2011 budget surplus) provided grants to community ministries that would have seemed unthinkable before in an economy such as this.

By God’s standards, you have faced today—and tomorrow—with an eye toward all that God can and will do through His people—when His people keep an eye toward Him.

During the next couple of months, Christ Church will invest itself in the Christ 100 plan once more. Join me as we hear witnesses from those who have lived faithful to the Christ 100 plan during the last 12 months; share in a prayer journey through the principles of Biblical generosity; join in community groups to hear how God’s Holy Spirit is moving; and remind each other that the very best of who we are in Christ is experienced TOGETHER!

The title of our 2012 version of the Christ 100 plan is The Harvest. Our sermon series takes us on a tour of the Book of Ruth. And, our serving focus will push us out of our comfort zones to remember and reach (once again) for the least of these—OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

Our Consecration & Celebration Sunday is November 11. Each household will be asked to submit a Christ 100 Commitment Card on or near that day. This is important work, my friends. We don’t budget, plan, or prepare without your commitment.

Watch for upcoming mailings and weekly email reminders from me that will point us to what God is teaching and testing in each of us. The Harvest is great! And, we are ready. The objective is SIMPLE. God is GENEROUS. We should be as well.

Be Salt and Light…You Matter.

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