International Missions at Christ Church recently received the following update this week from SALT (Strategic Asian Leadership Training), one of our ministry partners in China.

The purpose of SALT is to assist the church in Asia by equipping leaders to train others.

Dear friends and family,

Mrs. Jiang sat next to me to tell me her story. Not long ago, she received a terrible head injury that was so severe, she was pronounced dead. Her heart stopped and she did not breathe for two hours. While in this state, Jesus appeared to her and told her, “I am with you and I will never leave you.” She was told to go back and minister to her non-Christian parents in particular. She is leading a local church fellowship and asks for prayer for her family. SALT

Across the table sat a middle-school English teacher. Some time ago he was hospitalized with a severely bleeding ulcer. His case was hopeless so the doctors called the family to send him home for the last few hours of his life. His mother and aunt were devout Christians. His aunt prayed for him in earnest and begged him to call on Jesus to be saved. He had resisted this message all his life. Finally, on his death bed, he called out to Jesus to save him and he was miraculously healed. He is now healthy, happy, and he too is leading a local church fellowship. 

Twenty of them had gathered to meet our small tour group, tell us their stories, and welcome us to China. Their love for the Lord was contagious as they sang and prayed with such earnest. 

Outside the main, front gate to the street, three beggars were laying in the sidewalk at the entrance to a church. They lay there every week, for all five services. The church was packed and the overflow was 100+ people sitting on benches outside listening to the message over loud speakers. It seemed appropriate and symbolic that the beggars were there, just like the rest of us, in need of hope, comfort, and healing in all sorts of ways from body to mind to soul.

You were invited on this trip. We missed having you with us. All of those who came would also say you should give serious thought to joining a China Tour in the future. It opened up a whole new world of what God is doing on this planet! 

This week. As I write, two teams are on the road. A three-some is in northern Vietnam teaching the final half of course #4 (Old Testament Themes) to 27  Hmong church leaders. They have been routinely training 95+ other church leaders, nearly all of whom have a grade 2 education! Another team is meeting with a minority group in SW China, addressing issues of team unity and transferring training. 

Last week over 80 church workers gathered for a refresher course on an overview of the NT. Nearly all had only a middle school education. By day 4, they were required to give a timed, mini-presentation sample of how they would use what they learned to teach others. Some kept it neat and tidy within the 5-minute allowance and others needed to be dragged off stage after 20 minutes! (I can relate.) This was course #3 out of 10 and they are eager for the next one to be taught in January. 

Thursday, Nov, 13 Merrilee and I will return to the US for 3 weeks for our final fund-raising effort. Please pray for good contacts, generous giving, and for the approval of several applications for support where we are waiting for their decision. Pray too that we can complete our Matching Funds Project in HK, in which we are still lacking $50,000. 

Grateful for your prayers and support,

Steve and Merrilee

Please pray for Mrs. Jiang, the middle-school English teacher and for the SALT teams that are currently on the road, sharing the Gospel and training the next generation of church leaders in Asia. Also pray for Steve and Merrilee as they travel to the states. 

SALT invites their ministry partners to join them on an annual ministry tour of China. Please pray about joining being a part of this trip in the future.

Contact Eric Angel at or (901) 202-6050 for more information on SALT and future opportunities to engage our ministry partners around the world.

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