Our nursery-age children are encouraged to bring their tithes to Sunday school. At the beginning of summer when asked what they thought their goal should be, the children set the bar high: $2,000. Each week, they celebrate by counting and cheering for each other. So far, they have collected a few hundred dollars, but there’s still plenty of summer left. They will continue to collect thru the end of August.

“Tithing is a tangible way for small children to be involved in Kingdom work here on earth,” said Amanda McCleskey, Nursery Coordinator. “We teach the importance of being a cheerful giver and learning to give from the heart. Learning these lessons at an early age can benefit both the child and the church as a whole.”

All money donated will be used directly by the nursery so the children can see what their determination and commitment achieved. In addition, they will donate half of all money raised to St. Jude in honor of Gus Latta, who was recently diagnosed with AML leukemia. Gus is undergoing chemo at St. Jude, and this is a way to honor him and his family.

May we all be such cheerful givers.

>>Volunteers are a vital part of making the nursery a safe and welcoming place. Want to help? Contact the nursery.

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