Before Dr. Cynthia Davis started working at Christ Church, she gave the Children’s Ministry a beautiful cross as a gift. When it was announced last week that Cynthia had been appointed District Superintendent of the Mississippi River District, Senior Director of Family Ministry Brad Bogue and Older Elementary Director Danny Shivers decided to send her away with a different cross from our children. 

The kids at the East Ministry Center (EMC) have been experimenting with various ways to paint, and a group of elementary children made the cross by taping off the cross area and using their fingerprints to fill in the rest of the canvas. “We had been looking for a great way to use the cross, either at the EMC or in our children’s area, when we learned about Cynthia’s move,” Brad said. “On Sunday, we had as many elementary kids and Children’s Ministry volunteers sign their names in among the fingerprints as we could get.”

As a representative of the children of Christ Church, Silas Bogue presented the cross to Cynthia at her farewell reception on Sunday.

Thank you, Cynthia, for your service to Christ Church. You will be missed, but we know God will continue to use you to do great things for the Kingdom. If you missed Cynthia’s reception on Sunday, you can send cards to the church, and we will make sure she gets them.

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