If you joined us in the past on the CC Global Online Campus for the 9:45 Contemporary Service on Sunday mornings, you will notice some exciting changes when you visit, the new live-streaming campus of the church:

  • Larger, clearer video and crisper audio.
  • More reliable streaming.
  • Works great on full-screen or on your TV! Or if you are on your iPhone, when you go to on your iPhone, you will be redirected to a simple live-stream of the service.Video Archiving
  • Video archiving – The video of the sermon as it streams on is archived in the church’s online media library, and is usually available a day or so after the service.
  • A Welcome tab from Ministry Coordinator Nathan Brasfield, with some important links, like one to a copy of Sunday’s bulletin.
  • A Contact tab we hope you’ll use every time you join us so that we can recognize that you’ve been with us.
  • YouVersion Bible App installed right on the page, and pre-set according to the text we believe Shane will be preaching on that day.

We also have updated some features we had on the former campus:

  • A Chat tab, which you can choose to log in with as a guest or with your Facebook or Twitter profile so that you can talk in church to your facilitator and everyone gathered, either in the chat box or through private message.
  • A Notes box, so you can type whatever you want to remember and email them to your inbox with a click of a button.
  • A Giving tab, making online tithing or gifts to the church easy.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this part of the church by joining us as for the 9:45 Contemporary Service, with streaming beginning at 9:35 central. I will be logged in by then every morning in order to chat, pray, and help you out any way I can. gives anyone, from those curious about the church to life-long members, the opportunity to join the Christ Church community in prayer, worship, and fellowship no matter where they are. Many congregants have already been kept from missing the service due to such issues as illness, or just from being away on business or vacation. Those new to the church have found it to be an easy way to check us out. Even if you’re just running late, you can pick it up on your smartphone before you make it to Seabrook. Whatever situation you’re in on Sunday mornings, take advantage of this resource so that you can still be a part of what is happening at Christ Church.

Several people have expressed how valuable they have found to be:

“even though my daughter is in the hospital, I can be with my church and by her bedside. Thank you!”

“What a blessing I just experienced in my kitchen. I truly know that God needed me to hear the message today. I am so thankful for CUMC for allowing us to feel so apart of the service.”

“Home with a sick kid, so once again thankful for the streaming service. Love the new interface! Quality is of sound/video is excellent.”

Members, normally attend 11 o’clock service. Just on a whim decided to check to see if there was an on-line option. Boy were we surprised at finding such a quality option.”

“we are snowed in near kansas City and our church is canceled.  so we are joining our sister who lives in Memphis by worshiping online with you.  thanks for letting us join you today!”

We hope you’ll continue to let us know what you think about, and what we can do to make it even better!

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