What a wonderful night in Seabrook Hall as the Founders Circle of CCGlobal gathered on April 14 to celebrate the ways God is working in Memphis & beyond. The objective of the night was to help the more than 170 who were on hand to fully understand and embrace the mission of CCGlobal.

The mission of CCGlobal is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and equip the body of Christ for service through the vehicles of leadership, media and technology.

“For me, at its core, CCGlobal is God’s gift to us to leverage 21st century tools to ‘expand the ministry of Christ Church across the street and around the world,'” said Michael Drake, who serves as chair of the CCGlobal Advisory Council. These tools comprise CCGlobal’s four areas of focus:

  • Leadership Development
  • Media Outreach
  • Learning Resources and
  • Online Campus – our next generation innovative worship.

The evening’s speaker, Rev. J.D. Walt of Seedbed Publishing, came to highlight Asbury-Memphis. There are more than 60 students currently enrolled from six states, and ‘the sky is the limit’ for this seminary.

“It’s not a little extension site of Asbury Seminary,” Rev. Walt shared. “Christ Church is boldly creating the seminary of the future.” You will want to listen to his entire remarks here as well as Dr. Maxie Dunnam’s comments and his introduction of Dr. Jason Vickers who heads up Asbury-Memphis.

“I believe that this partnership between a local congregation and a world-class seminary is going to be an historical event, and it is going to make a great impact not only in this local community, but across this nation and throughout our denomination,” Maxie said. “Asbury-Memphis is going to be an exciting enterprise…and being a part of the Founders Circle puts you at the very center of what we are seeking to do.”

A number of awards were presented including the 2nd annual Dunnam Writing Award named in honor of Dr. Maxie Dunnam who was also the first recipient last year. Presented to an author for writing in the Wesleyan world, this year’s winner is Dr. Bill Guerrant for his book Organic Wesley. A lawyer for 26 years, Guerrant says he is still an advocate, but now he is a farmer who advocates about how we can better serve our Creator and advance the kingdom of God in how we choose our food.

The 2nd annual Buckman/Mollerup Award for Innovation is also named in honor of its first recipients, Bob Buckman and Joyce Mollerup, who gave the initial grant that helped establish CCGlobal and Asbury-Memphis. The 2015 award was given to John Carroll for Choose 901 for their use of technology to encourage the spirit of Memphis.

The We Believe in Memphis 2015 episode of the year featured Mat Lipscomb, and the award was accepted on his behalf by his daughter Jesse Anne. Watch this moving episode here.

Several new Christ Academy awards were also presented. This video link also includes remarks from the award winners (watch part 2 for their inspiring remarks). The award winners include:

Circle of Serving: Tom Marino for Service Over Self (SOS), Robert Montague for Binghampton Development Corporation (BDC), Drew Sippel for Cornerstone Prep and David Montague for Memphis Teacher Residency.

Award for Teaching-Legacy: Jim Eoff

Award for Leadership-Legacy: Jack Morris & Jack Moore

Award for Leadership 2015: Susan Golden

Award for Teaching 2015: Kyle Rote Jr. & Stueart & Pam Hudsmith

Watch the entire event or listen to acceptance speeches here.

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To learn more about CCGlobal and how you can support this important work, contact us at info@cumcmemphis.org.

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