The Carpenter Art Garden is the one of the most exciting new developments in the Binghampton community. The Binghampton Development Corporation has provided an empty lot located at 301 Carpenter Street right across from The Lester campus of Cornerstone Preparatory School to transform into a place where the neighborhood children can welcomingly express their creativity. While the children have received help at cleaning up and restoring the vacant lot, they are the artists who are drawing, painting, mosaic and collage building, and planting flowers and vegetables to morph this empty canvas into a beautiful example of the worship of God through art.

Christ Church member Erin Harris has been involved in the project from its inception. “I was inspired to start the Carpenter Art Garden after seeing another local neighborhood sculpture garden,” she says, “and I learned about the work of Lily Yeh and the Village Arts Organization in Philadelphia. Following this example, I wanted to launch a project to combine art with building relationships with and empowering/enabling children to create something positive in their own community, a place of beauty, pride and fellowship.”

For the Carpenter Art Garden to continue to flourish, your help is needed. You can donate things old dishes for mosaics or old bikes that the children can decorate. These donations can be made on Tuesdays from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m., so stop by for a visit.

Monetary donations are also welcomed. A tax deductible gift can be made through the Binghampton Development Corporation just by click on the “donations” link in the upper right hand corner of their website. Please specify that your gift is for the Carpenter Art Garden. Or you can visit Just Give by clicking here.

Every gift, large or small, will be greatly appreciated, and you can be assured that, as Erin tells us,”The hand of God has been present every step of the way, from the land being made available for the project to the children being able to build their own place of beauty, love and acceptance. And it has been amazing to witness the positive response from the neighborhood. One mother even wants to use the Garden as the site for her daughter’s birthday party.”

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