Girls from the Carpenter Art Garden in Binghampton enjoyed a tea party hosted at the home of Donna Smith, wife of Memphis basketball Coach Tubby Smith, on Saturday, June 17. The party was co-hosted by Donna’s neighbors and friends, Christ Church member/Women’s Ministry Council member Judy Blythe and Anne Brand, and by Laura Greenwell, Christ Church Women’s Ministry Coordinator.

When the girls arrived, they had their photo taken by photographer Jack Kenner, who volunteered his time, and the girls left the party with framed pictures as a fun reminder of the occasion. The tea was brewed and donated by Linda Webster of My Cup of Tea in Orange Mound. Inspirational talks were given by Ephie Johnson, President and CEO of the Neighborhood Christian Center, and Officer Lynn Sutton of the Memphis Police Department/Tillman Station.

If you’re interested in being part of this or other similar events, contact Laura Greenwell,
(901) 261-2133.

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