by Jo Ellen Druelinger, Associate Producer, We Believe in Memphisbev shelley

Each Sunday, a new show airs on our We Believe in Memphis television program hosted by Dr. Shane Stanford and Dr. Maxie Dunnam. As Easter approached, we pondered which show to air on this most holy of days. Little did we know — yet God did — that our guest interview recorded on Tuesday of this week would provide just the right message for this day of redemption.

We hope that you will tune in this week to hear from Beverly Shelley, the widow of local contractor J.P. Shelley who was brutally murdered by three teen gang members who robbed him on his job site in October 2013. It was their son’s birthday. Since this tragedy, Beverly has left her job as a school librarian to devote her life to helping troubled teens.

What is the worst tragedy you’ve ever experienced? How did you respond?

How do such love, forgiveness and mercy follow this tragedy? Tune in to hear her story.

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