Recently, 23 children spent a week at Christ Church in a theater camp designed just for them. CampOUT is a nonprofit camp devoted to bringing the joy of theater to persons with special needs and open to children of ALL abilities, age 8-25.

This week-long, half-day camp was composed of session rotations addressing movement, hands-on creations, acting and music. The daily rehearsals culminated in a performance for friends and family at the end of the week. This year’s theme was “Welcome to the Wild Side” and focused on animal character adventures in Africa.

“Our dedicated team believes theater is a profound tool for creating connections. Our campers learn to connect with their peers, their communities and their inner selves. For this reason, we are dedicated to capturing our campers’ creativity in an INCLUSIVE environment—where typical peers assist in guiding the discovery of artistic gifts into usable life skills.”

–Ashley Parks, Special Needs Ministry director at Christ Church

CampOUT was made possible by the time and talents of Christ Church Memphis Special Needs Ministry and Falcon Footlights Theatre.

Here’s what parents said about CampOUT:

My children had a blast! Christa spent hours singing her part, and Malachi couldn’t stop talking about the new friends he had made. Thanks for hosting this great event! –Christina McCartney

Jessica had a wonderful time at CampOUT. Thank you so much. –-Joyce Anschultz

Here’s a quote from one of the middle school volunteers:

It reminded me to always be helpful and thankful because we don’t know what these kids go through. It was really fun, too! –Sophie C.

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