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Post written by Pearl Holland, CUMC Special Needs Ministry assistant

Celebrating with one another. Believing with one another. Hoping with one another. That’s the spirit of Breakfast Club. On Friday mornings, adults of all ages with varying disabilities connect over breakfast and Bible study and worship together.

This last semester of 2016, we studied the story of Esther – even having one of the participants take charge and lead the study and discussion. It is a beautiful thing to see those who are more able help and encourage those in our group who need more help. By far one of the sweetest moments is when we worship together. We have narrowed down our songs to about five that we do each week so everyone could learn them. Each song has different fans, but by far “Good, Good Father” gets the biggest cheers and the loudest singing.

Some of the most precious prayers are spoken after worship–so genuine and sincere in the gratitude for our good Father. It is a beautiful thing to see our friends grow in their faith and love. How they sharpen one another and build each other up is truly motivating and has translated to real life changes. Some of our friends have gone back to school, gotten jobs, started volunteering for job skills and taken public transportation to get to Breakfast Club. We’ve seen those who come as personal assistants have time to grow in God’s Word and have time to worship as well. The spirit of Breakfast Club touches everyone who is in the room.

What started as a biscuit breakfast with devotional time has grown to a community of friends breaking bread together, laughing together, serving one another, working on service projects together, worshipping together and praying for one another.

We are grateful to all of our volunteers who help us make Breakfast Club a ministry for not only our church, but the entire community.

To learn more about Breakfast Club, contact our Director of Special Needs Ministry Ashley Parks, (901) 261-2153.

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