Ephesians 4

BE-SALT-sliderShane reminded us that the closer we draw to Christ, the more we are transformed into the person He calls us to be. We cannot become His hands and feet until we seek the mind of Christ. As believers, we are doorways of Him every time we leave our homes.

Growing in Christ means we mature to the point that we help others grow in Him; as we have been discipled, so we are called to disciple others. Are we using most of our energy and resources simply to sustain ourselves or to make disciples?

The Church grows by simply living like a church, growing in relationship with Christ, as we change others.

Shane posed three questions in relation to growth in Christ:

  1. What do you believe? What is our doctrine? Doctrine is a principle and position or policy we believe and want to teach others. Understanding what we believe is at the heart of beginning to follow Jesus & being a witness to the world; it’s the anchor in our lives and establishes the means by which we share Christ. People are watching you; don’t tell them you’re a Christian if you’re not willing to live like it.
  2. How do you live out what you believe? The root of the word disciple is the same as that of the word discipline. A life of discipline in sharing, serving and loving others will change our world. When we live differently than we believe we are immoral; how we discipline our lives will transform the lives of others if we live what we say we believe.
  3. How are we discovering the world each day? How do we balance our lives so we spend time up, in, and out in relationships? Fullness of living our beliefs means balancing our lives well. When we commit our lives to this discipline, we can change lives.

We grow in Christ so that we can stand against times of struggle, challenge, and trouble. Live in Him so solid inside that no matter what we encounter, our faith stands the test of time.

Jesus knocks on the door, not to say “Let me in,” but to ask, “Will you go out with me?”

Did you miss this morning? Listen to the audio here.

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