Guest post by CUMC members Joe & Laura RenteriaLauraJoeRenteria

We first began attending Christ United Methodist Church when we were college students at Rhodes College. As students, it was a high priority for us to develop strong relationships with other Christians, so we began attending the church’s Young Adults Sunday school class. We’ve now been going to Sunday school here for almost five years.

Our lives have changed a lot since we first began attending Sunday school at CUMC: we graduated from college, got our first jobs and second jobs, one of us moved from Memphis and back again, then we went and got married, and recently we bought our first house. As we’ve grown, our class has grown with us. The friendships we’ve made through CUMC have taught us a lot about ourselves, and have challenged us and helped us grow in our relationship with Christ. Currently in our class, there are those in the stage of life we’ve just passed through and those in the stage ahead. We’ve valued being able to pass on what we’ve learned, and appreciate learning from those who’ve had different experiences.

At the beginning of this year, the opportunity arose for us to take a larger leadership role in our class. For years we’ve just been members; then we were asked to be part of a larger group tasked with encouraging class growth and the maintenance involved in running a class. Even more recently, we’ve begun to teach the class as well. Utilizing our respective gifts in the areas of teaching and administration to help others grow has not only been an enjoyable experience, but one that has challenged us and energized our own faith. We learn as much from the members of our class as we teach.

Helping to lead a Sunday school class is not always easy. But we know from past experiences that serving always has its up and downs. Ultimately we want to be in the best place possible to grow in our relationship with God and be in authentic community with other Christians. And right now, that place is at CUMC, helping lead our Sunday school class.

Be-Salt>>Are you interested in serving as a Sunday school teacher or small group leader? Or maybe you are just looking for a class to join. Contact Ginger Holland, Community Life, to get connected.

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