Guest Post by Noah Gray, Executive Director of the Binghampton Development Corporation

Dear friends,

It’s almost Christmas! For many of us the excitement is palpable. We’re full of joy and anticipation for what the season will bring. For many in our community though, this is a high-pressure season. “How will I provide Christmas this year for my children? I can barely keep the lights on.” This is the struggle of many during the Christmas season.

Thanks to the generous families of Christ Church and the Day School, for years the BDC has been able to respond during this season with an opportunity that allows parents to maintain their dignity by purchasing presents at discounted prices. Each year, generous gifts of new toys to the BDC fill our Greatest Gift Christmas Store, where parents will come to shop for toys for their children at prices ranging from $1 to $5. Last year 72 parents shopped at the store and joyfully chose gifts that they knew their 268 children would love. On Christmas morning, these parents watched with pride as their eager children opened presents.

Please consider giving the gift of dignity this season! Your generous gift of new toys will create jobs for residents hired to run the store, allow parents to purchase toys and serve families of Binghampton partner ministries.

Warm regards,

Noah Gray

You, your family, or your office could be part of the BDC Greatest Gift Christmas Store by shopping the Amazon Wishlist and shipping to SOS (2505 Poplar Ave.) or bringing in new toys to Christ Church anytime until December 10.

For a full overview of the store, visit

Questions? Contact Grant Caldwell at

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