Resources from our worship staff to help you Choose Advent

Well, the halls have been properly decked thanks to our Classic Christmas event this past week, and you’ve already seen that our theme for the holidays this year at Christ Church is Choose Advent. But what does that mean, exactly? We believe that it’s easy to get caught up in the tinsel and trappings of these months without actually celebrating the birth of our Savior, honoring Him with our full attention. This season we call Advent was originally set aside for us to prepare our hearts and minds and homes to welcome the Messiah as our King.

We’d like to share with you the things that are helping us as a staff to prepare the way of the Lord. Just visit and you’ll be able to download four Christmas songs from our Assistant Worship Leader Andrew Puccio, including a deeply moving original song titled “Awake Your Sleeping Heart,” as well as links to other terrific holiday soundtracks, resources and devotions to bring a little meaning to all the mirth this holiday season.

Remember, when you Choose Advent, you’re becoming Salt and Light in the world. You matter!

Joshua Smith, Director of Worship & Production


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