Have you considered pursuing a seminary degree but weren’t sure if it was right for you? Did you know you can take classes here on the Christ Church campus?

Five years ago Christ Church partnered with Asbury Theological Seminary to create the Asbury-Memphis extension site, which allows students to begin their theological graduate education right here in Memphis. Classes consist of an online component and weekend meetings. More than 60 students are currently enrolled.

“Asbury-Memphis allows students to begin theological education without uprooting their life,” said Virginia McNutt, Associate Director of Recruiting at Asbury Theological Seminary. “As they engage in deep community and rigorous academic study, they can also stay engaged in their current life and ministry allowing students to pour out what they are learning in the classroom along the way.”

Christ Church Associate Pastor and Chief of Staff Scott Lees said Asbury-Memphis is a tremendous asset to Christ Church and the Memphis area. “Many graduate students are looking for a theological education that is orthodox and Wesleyan. They now have that opportunity in Memphis. Because Memphis is a regional hub, students can easily access the campus throughout the Mid-South.” Currently, students from Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama are enrolled.

“We are blessed to have a generous congregation that values biblical teaching and shares their space to train leaders in the church,” Scott said. “Thank you, Christ Church, for making this available to the city and region.”

>>Want to know more? Join us for the upcoming Asbury-Memphis Visit Day on Saturday, June 23 at 9:30 a.m. in the Asbury-Memphis classroom. Visit Day will feature time with staff and students to hear how Asbury Seminary can help you explore or fulfill your calling. There will be an information session along with a tour of the site. RSVP at asbury.to/visit.

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