At 22, Wesley Baucum is really working hard to be independent. Wesley is a part of our Special Needs community and faithfully attends Sunday school and serves his church as a crucifer. So when our REACH 2018 stewardship emphasis began, Wesley was the very first person to turn in his commitment card online to pledge his financial gifts.

While this was news to his parents, they weren’t really surprised. His mom said, “I am so proud that he heard the need to commit in church and responded.” When she asked Wesley why he filled out the online commitment card he answered,

“It is very important to commit to help reach people who need a relationship with God.”

And the message is just that simple: It is very important to commit so that we can REACH the 700,000 people in the greater Memphis area who need a relationship with God.

Thank you, Wesley, for leading us and teaching us what it means to trust God with our whole heart!

To submit your REACH 2018 commitment card online, visit–-it only takes ONE minute!

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