“Neighbor” is a word that we routinely use to refer to people living on the other side of the picket fence or those we see when we go out to get the mail.

It is also a word–as you know–that is commonly used in Christian settings because it is so commonly found in our Bibles.Understanding Our Muslim Neighbors, Part 2

The original biblical terms behind our word “neighbor” have a broader reach, however.

For example, in Luke 10 the expert in the Jewish law asks Jesus just who is his “neighbor,” since Jesus has just explained to him that love of God and love of neighbor is the entire point of the law.

Jesus’s responds to the question of who our neighbor is through a parable. And one of the lessons taught by this parable about the caring, sacrificial Samaritan is that our “neighbor” is that not only not just that person that lives right across the street but even that person whose cultural, religious, and ethnic identity would make him or her our enemy.

It seems that our “neighbor” could be anyone that we encounter–enemy or ally, stranger or friend.

Understanding Our Muslim Neighbors, Part 1 - June 2013

Understanding Our Muslim Neighbors, Part 1 – June 2013

The Serving & Outreach Equipping Series on understanding our neighbors is about intentionally growing in our awareness of who our neighbors are–even the ones we wouldn’t expect–in order to love them as we should.

Having hosted conversations about our Muslim, homeless, and Chinese neighbors, on Wednesday, June 24 we are returning to the topic of Islam.

Islam is rapidly expanding in its number of adherents and level of influence in world affairs. To be responsible as Christians and faithful to God, we need to engage in conversation about pursuing understanding of our Muslim neighbors as a way to love even those very different from us.

Join us in Wilson Chapel at 6:00 pm for Understanding Our Muslim Neighbors, Part 2 as we hear from missionary Brian P. of the Arabian Peninsula.


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