On October 28, Andrew Puccio opened the 9:45 service on a personal note. Andrew, who has been serving as a worship intern sinceMay, shared that he had received his Italian last name from a New Jersey couple responding to the call of God to adopt from Honduras. He also joked that pastor Robbyn Abedi isn’t the only redneck foreigner on staff anymore. Andrew’s testimony was the beginning of a morning focused on orphan care, which launched our 2013 serving emphasis on the global crisis.

CUMC: Andrew, tell us briefly about your adoption story

I was born in Honduras on July 4th, 1991. My mother had two other children, and our father had left us in a time of great need.  By the grace of God I was allowed to live in a lawyers home, who eventually connected me with my family. During the process, my parents fell under oppression from the government. There was a hold on all adoptions and my mother stayed with me for months waiting to get me out of the country. God’s grace was active again, and we were finally allowed to go home.

CUMC: How did you end up in Memphis and at Christ Church?

I grew up in Raleigh North Carolina, and to be honest, I never gave any notice to Memphis TN. As I went through high school I became more and more interested in worship music and songwriting. As time progressed, I knew that I wanted to go to school to study music. I am now on my final year at Visible Music College where I will graduate with a Bachelors of Modern Music Ministry. The school has been pivotal for my growth and ultimately led me to Christ United Methodist.

CUMC: What does adoption have to do with church?

Adoption has everything to do with the church. Believe it or not, I’m not the only one adopted at Christ United. We all have been adopted into a royal priesthood by Christ. We are now part of a family bigger than we could ever imagine, and we need to be faithful to our Father who brought us out of death and into new life.

CUMC’s response to Orphan Sunday

Several people have contacted the church to share that God stirred their hearts, confirming His call for them to adopt. Yet God calls all of us to care for orphans. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to adopt a child to live in your home. There  are other ways to be involved:

  • Pray for a specific child  (prayer cards with photos available)
  • Sponsor a waiting child for a small monthly fee
  • Become a foster parent or grandparent
  • Provide respite care for someone who is fostering a child
  • Attend upcoming mission trip(s) to orphanages
  • Adopt a child (foreign or domestic)

Ask God to show you how you can care for the “least of these.” Watch for details about training classes and mission trips in the church bulletin, Get Connected e-news and our monthly newsletter Tidings. Or contact Stephanie Harding  or Laura Greenwell.

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