Everything we have belongs to God. For Christ Church Finance Chair Harry Johnson III, this principle was modeled for him at an early age by his parents, who were among the 600 Christ Church charter members.

“I can remember as an elementary schooler making an annual pledge from my allowance and weekly placing it in my pledge envelope and then the offering plate,” he said. “Like many of the children of our church, it connected me to the body of the church by creating a meaningful and joyful process on which to build.”

Harry said that just like the effect of bodily training in athletes, regular giving exercises and strengthens the mind, spirit and soul in a repetitive, building and lasting way. “A regular giving process strengthens your relationship with God incrementally with each gift,” he said. “A tithe is a further important and heartfelt step on the path toward a closer relationship with God.”

“The greatest lesson to me is that giving at the level, or in the manner, that God is laying on your heart is not a burden, but a blessing not only to the church but to yourself and family in your spiritual growth as Christians.”

Pray about your 2019 commitment and then return your commitment card to a worship service on Sundays, Nov. 11 or 18, or complete the online commitment card at ChristChurchMemphis.org/REACH2019.

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