TImothy and Grace AwakeningAs August is winding down, our partners over at Cornerstone Prep are full swing in their school year. Our recent push to adopt every classroom at the school has gotten off to a great start. Individuals, families, and Sunday School classes across the church have done their part in giving back to the students and teachers at Cornerstone.

One group that has a history of answering the call to adopt and sponsor a classroom at Cornerstone Prep is the Timothy Sunday School class. With help from the Grace Awakening class, the two have partnered with the Cornell Kindergarten class for the past few years. The groups just kicked off their year in a big way with an August birthday party. It has been said that adopting a classroom can be as simple as praying, giving, and going. Here are ways that the Timothy class is doing all three:


The Timothy Class begins each year by taking pictures of all the students and teachers in front of their class flag. The pictures are then hung up in the classroom, and members have the ability to pray for students and teachers by name. The group sends encouraging notes to the teachers throughout the year. All in the class are able to pray for students and teachers throughout the year.


Together, the two groups donate school supplies that the teachers need. Many in the Grace Awakening class are unable to go to the school, and this helps them be involved. In addition, the classes buy birthday cards for students with small gifts. The cards are personalized, and at the first party one kid came running up with his card saying, “They even put my name on it!”. In addition, each year the group hosts a Christmas Party in which all kids are given presents. For those that work full time, this is an incredible way to get involved. The class sets aside time on the Sunday before parties to wrap presents, organize crafts, and prepare supplies for the coming week.


Controlled chaos ensues on the last Thursday afternoon of the month, as members from the Timothy class come to the Cornell Kindergarten class for birthday parties. The group does a craft or activity, reads, and provides a snack. Presents are given to the lucky boy or girl that has celebrated a birthday during the month. As mentioned previously, the largest party of the year is the Christmas party, where all students are given Christmas presents!

Adopting a classroom at Cornerstone Prep can be as simple as praying, giving, and going. The Timothy class models this well by providing opportunities for their members to do any of the three at their convenience. Some might only be able to pray, others might be able to pray and give but their work prevents their going. A few in the class have the ability to do all three. What is important is that all in the Timothy class realize that they are called to respond to the injustices associated with urban education in some way, and they must do their part. We are so thankful the work that they are doing with our partners to love like Jesus in the city of Memphis!

Currently, there are eight more classes at Cornerstone Prep that are awaiting sponsorship. Their ages run from Pre-K all the way up to fifth grade. Will you, your family, or your Sunday School class consider answering this call and partnering with a teacher this school year? Fill out this quick form here on the website, or contact Grant Caldwell, and you will be paired with your classroom!

Are you a current classroom sponsor that would like to share how you, your family, or your Sunday School class is praying, giving, or going this year at Cornerstone? We’d love to feature you on our blog! Contact Grant here to share your story.

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