Christ Church has been actively engaged serving Jesus and serving like Jesus across the street and around the world during the past month. Here are some updates of what our church is up to and ways you can invest your life and get going!

Across the Street

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.36.14 AMEast High School Football Camp: This past weekend, Christ Church partnered with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and East High School to participate in the team’s football camp. The team practiced and scrimmaged, as well as having time for small groups, life skills training and a service project with Memphis Feeds. Get Going by volunteering to serve dinner to the team, Fridays from 2:30-5 p.m.

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Youth Encounter Weekend:
 Two weekends ago, Christ Church Student Ministries held their annual Youth Encounter Weekend. On Saturday morning, the groups took time to serve the city by delivering cookies to each police station in the city, every fire station within the 240 Loop, and praying at many of the students’ schools. The groups were thanked by the Commander of the Crump Station and ensured that their “gift did not last long”! Get going by volunteering to serve in Student Ministries this year with middle school or high school!

brown2Preparing Cornerstone Prep for the First Day: Volunteers from Christ Church served during the past few weeks at Cornerstone Prep to help teachers and faculty prepare for their first day on Monday. Groups painted walls, made copies, laminated signs and helped with other needs around the school. In addition to this blessing, we are encouraging our members to volunteer this year at one of our partner schools in Binghampton: Cornerstone Prep School, Lester Prep Middle School, or East High School. Service opportunities include classroom adoption and multiple ongoing opportunities to serve throughout the day. Visit the Serving and Outreach Wall outside of Seabrook Hall or the Get Going page on the website to find your place to serve!

Around the World
IMG_2200Thank You from the Seed Company: Last spring, Christ Church generously gave to provide a translation of the Gospel of John to the Yeshil Project that takes the Bible to unreached people groups around the world. The group wants to thank Christ Church, as well as asking for continued prayer for wisdom, clarity, security and safety.



Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.59.17 AMInternational Leadership Institute: Currently, one of our partners in the Middle East is leading a conference to both equip leaders of the church and provide food to those affected by the refugee crisis. Christ Church has been invited to send two teams to such conferences during the next year, including in Berlin, Germany October 2-10 and to Egypt October 18-26. Get going and claim your spot now for one of these trips!


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.10.04 AMChina and North Korea: This past weekend, Christ Church’s Cornerstone Sunday school class was blessed to host our partner connected to North Korea who updated the group on the current state of the Korean Reunification Initiative and Network. The group has called together 35 organizations, including Christ Church, to raise up 30-40 people trained in International Disaster Relief. Once trained for three days in Memphis, the member will be able to respond to any domestic or international crisis. Get going today and join this incredible global mission.

Do you have a story of serving Jesus and serving like Jesus across the street and around the world? We’d love to share it and celebrate it on the blog. Contact Grant Caldwell to share your story today!

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