Guest post by Perry Redfearn, Director of Traditional Music and Worship

Chancel Choir rehearsals begin Wednesday, Sept. 3 at 7 pm

It’s been said that all Christians have in life is a story and a song. Each week during worship, we place our story alongside the story of a faithful God and the people of His calling and discover in that context that our story takes on new and greater significance. In fact, our response to that significance Chancel Choir webexceeds the power of words to describe. That’s where our song begins. Through joy or sorrow, contentment or dismay, our song takes many forms…but sung it must be.

By becoming a member of the Chancel Choir, you take a deliberate step in embracing your unfolding faith story and gain confidence in expressing it through song. An hour and a half on Wednesdays, plus an extra 30 minutes on Sunday before worship is all that’s asked of you to enjoy the benefits of fellowship, achievement, spiritual enrichment and the pleasure of music-making.

Here’s what some choir members say about their story and song:

The songs we sing stay in my heart and mind throughout the week. –Liz Dover

Music gives me the words to express my thankfulness to God. On my own, I am unable to express my adoration so perfectly. –Jeanne Crosby

No matter how hectic my day, within the first few minutes of rehearsal a calm descends on me.
–Judy Van Steenberg

Hearing a beautiful piece of music is an enjoyable experience but actually singing it is even better!
–Richard Cheek

I sing because it frees my spirit to meet God’s spirit. –Dan Dover

Of course the caring relationships within the choir are important, but the experience is also a part of my staying involved and engaged in life despite being retired. –John DeCell

My experience in choir enriches me and drives a spiritual passion in me. I hope that others find a personal connection to God through His music like I do. –Bert Nappier

I love participating in the crafting of sung prayer through creating beautiful harmonies that give wings to the spiritual message. –Ann Indingaro

Being a part of the worship service brings spiritual enrichment to me and I hope the congregation. It keeps me singing in my heart all week long! –Sandra Leftwich

I love the CUMC choir …they are like family to me! – Sandra Shinault

Join your story with ours as we make music together before the Lord. Questions? Contact Perry Redfearn, 261-2120.

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