Guest post by Mark Parry

Mark Parry in ZambiaBack in 2003, I made my first trip to Zambia. I have been back several times since, mostly spending my summers teaching in secondary schools.

I returned again this summer with a team of four (myself, Richard Schelp, Bob Whitsitt & Eric Angel) to visit the Eastern Province, a new area for me. The drive from Lusaka, the capital, to Chipata was long & mountainous. The roads were poorly paved with axel-breaking potholes– more like craters at times.

We were following up on three boreholes we had placed in partner villages in the spring as well as assessing the need for wells in other villages.

The gift of clean and safe drinking water is such a blessing. I have read and been to classes about providing fresh, clean water. I even have friends who have provided clean water in another country.

Yet this is a new and different approach.

In this approach, the chief donates land on which the local Christian fellowship will build a building and new churches are planted. Land is donated for the bore holes and pump, and a partnership with the government helps provide onsite pump maintenance and repair classes.

I hope you see that this plan unifies the church and the government–potential rivalries, working together! Pray for that. We witnessed the beginning of it this summer. (Take two minutes to watch this video and see for yourself the celebration!)

It is so biblical — for Christ through this effort can quench a spiritual thirst and display the unifying message of the gospel, that none should be lost!

Think about it — schools, families, villages and history all influenced by the Gospel that clean and safe water will supply. One village begins to minister to another nearby village through water. Think about the multiplication! Individual lives changed. God’s kingdom breaks out.

Still, we have to respond and contribute to the cause. As coworkers in the harvest, how can we do anything less?

Mark Parry working a well in Zambia

A special thanks to my team this summer – Bob Whitsitt, Eric Angel, Richard Schelp, Pilgrim Wesleyan Church, our Zambian Brothers and the Water282 Team (they drill  boreholes & coordinate training).

So how do we respond & contribute?  By partnering in CUMC’s Water is Life project.

I think of the lyrics from Farther Along–one of Josh Garrels’ songs:

Cause I got changed by what I’ve been shown.

More glory than the world has known

Keeps me ramblin’ on

His promise is that you will be too!  Love you guys!

To date, Christ Church has funded four out of a projected 25 wells for the people of Eastern Zambia.

Donate to Christ Church, c/o Missions. Memo: Water is Life

Check out for more and again, don’t miss this video.

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