Guest post by Bob Whitsitt, Executive Director of Serving & Outreach

Hello Christ Church!

Bob and wellThis is Bob Whitsitt in Africa. I just received a note from Alex Mbewe, District Superintendent Pilgrim Wesleyan Church (PWC), following our visit to check on wells in Eastern Province. The impact of the wells you provided is very significant, not only providing clean, safe water but in solidifying PWC’s relationships with three chiefs, the government and the people. To date, 32 churches have been planted, 11 more Bible studies are underway that will soon be church plants and the chiefs are now giving more land for exploration of income generation in the chiefdoms. Everywhere we went, the people knew Reverend Mbewe.

His letter to you is below, and on the people’s behalf, Zikomo Kwambiri (Thank you very much)!

From Reverend Mbewe

Rev Mbewe and wellI am the one who is thankful to you for partnering with us for His Kingdom because you are empowering me for more relevant and effective ministry. Your role to our work is indescribably pivotal to reach our intended Kingdom goals. Like Robert Greenleaf said, “People who identify their call with a servant spirit will ensure that the people they serve are better than they were before.” I can confess that this is becoming more and more a reality in the ministry God has placed in my hands.

Your recent visit achieved so much for both of us I believe. Your participation in our lives—including celebrations—made you a part of us.

I feel closer to you in a more personal way, to the extent that when you left I felt some form of loneliness (relationship). With your partnership our ministry has become more holistic and hence acceptable and desirable in the communities where we are serving (empowerment). Your message to us and the community is one of participation and local ownership of all that we are doing together (sustainability).

I feel so, so blessed to have you as a partner.

In His love and grace,


well group pic

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