Jack & Judye Shannon

Jack & Judye Shannon

Jack Shannon has been named the 2013 CUMC Outstanding Missional Servant (formerly Unsung Hero) for his faithful service in and through Christ Church. The following are excerpts from his nomination form to provide you with a glimpse of this faithful servant. Thank you, Jack — we love you!

Describe the nature and scope of the missional service offered in your community by this person. Jack Shannon loves Jesus, His church and people. He has served on numerous committees at Christ Church including the Trustees, Finance, Administrative Board, Men’s Ministry and Student Ministry. He has also been very involved with the Emmaus, Kairos, and Chrysalis ministries.  He is past president of the Lamplighter’s Sunday School class and has taught various Sunday school classes over the years.  Jack is a great sales person! He can promote an event and solicit volunteers like none other.

What  motivated this person to begin doing missional work for Christ?  “One of my motivations was the need for men to minister to men,” Jack said. “Men seldom talk to each other or become close. I tried to provide avenues for men to develop as Christians, husbands and fathers through Men’s conferences, small groups, annual prayer breakfast, mentoring, service projects like SOS and Campout in the Courtyard, an annual event for dads and their kids.  Great strides at CUMC have been made to draw men closer to Christ and establish their priorities.”

What impact has the work and service of this person had on those served?  Jack’s humble servant’s heart and attitude are a blessing and an inspiration to everyone he comes in contact with.  Through his recent illness and battle with cancer, he is still serving–wholeheartedly. His wife, Judye says that what he hates most about his illness is the fact that he can’t do as much as he would like to do.

What other works of love and compassion been offered in your community or world as a result of this person’s example or ministry?  “Approximately 13 years ago, I was at a meeting for churches and public schools,” Jack said. ” I was sitting next to a football coach from East High School. He thought the meeting was a waste of his time because churches and public school don’t mix.  As we talked, I asked him what needed  to happen to change his mind. We agreed that CUMC would provide meals (pizza, etc.) before each football game along with providing a devotional and prayer. By the end of the season, players were giving the devotional. This evolved into having their football banquet at CUMC. One of the awards given was for the player that most exemplified Jesus. 2013 marks the 3rd year the FCA  football camp has been hosted at CUMC for East High. Several players have accepted Jesus as their Savior and more have recommitted their lives to Christ. This relationship with East High continues to grow.”

In what ways does this person feel their life has been changed by their work of missional service for Christ?  “I have been blessed to observe others where seeds have been planted and watered, and then nourished and grown by Christ,” Jack said. “People who have grown in their walk and have stepped out in service. Service for Christ has kept me alive in Christ and His working in all our lives.”

>>Asbury District Annual Laity Celebration: Sunday, Aug. 25, 3-5 p.m., Mullins UMC–Jack Shannon represents CUMC as our 2013 Outstanding Missional Servant (formerly known as Unsung Hero). Reception 3-4 p.m. followed by concert/worship 4-5 p.m.

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