“Just three years ago, Cornerstone Prep taught 60 students in three borrowed rooms at Christ Methodist Church. Next August, Cornerstone Prep will teach 1400 students in three schools located on two campuses …”

This one excerpt from the most recent edition of Cornerstone Preparatory School’s newsletter illustrates Cornerstone Newsletter Pichow it would be difficult to exaggerate the success this school has had ever since it began only four years ago as part of Christ Church’s investment into the development of the Binghampton community.

Since that time, Cornerstone Prep has gone from being a private school to being a public charter school, to in the next academic year serving children in grades pre-kindergarten through 8th at the Cornerstone Prep and Lester Prep campuses. They are also being entrusted with the care of Denver Elementary in Frayser.

And the assessment results coming in continue to look still look exactly like the ones which came out when Cornerstone first started:

In a national assessment completed with more than five million other students around the country, the students displayed outstanding academic growth. For example, Lester Prep’s sixth graders grew more than 91% of the kids in the country in reading and Cornerstone Prep’s 2nd graders outperformed 91% of students in math and our kindergarteners scored higher than 96% of the nation in reading.

“We are thrilled for our students and also our city, as our Prepsters continue to prove that low-income children in Memphis can learn at high levels when given access to effective teachers in a safe learning environment.”

Cornerstone Newsletter Pic 2Aside from the great things happening with classroom instruction, there continue to be more ways that the students develop through extra-curricular activities and endeavors.

CUMC member and Executive Director Drew Sippel reports on one example which International Missions at Christ Church has been pleased to assist:

“We are working on a partnership with a new Christ Church international partner who run a children’s home, school and clinic in a small community outside of Guatemala City. We hope to create a cross the world relationship between their kids and ours to give Binghampton and Guatemalan kids a relationship, vision and heart for others around the world.”

With the increased student body size next year and with everything that comes with it, the needs and opportunities to participate in and support the great work of Cornerstone continue to grow.

Check out cumcmemphis.org/cornerstoneprep to find out more.

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