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Why do we sing?

Guest post by Nina McCarver, Director of Elementary Music God gave us an amazing gift when He gave us music. Music has the ability to express what our hearts are longing to say. In Job 38:6-7 God tells Job that He set the earth's foundations and put its cornerstone in...

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The view from my window

Guest post by Laura Greenwell, Director of Women’s Ministry & Hospitality During this quarantine time, I have spent many quiet mornings gazing out my window. It’s my place to come with a cup of coffee to start the day. I pray, read, listen and watch. While God has...

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Climbing out of isolation

Quarantine provides for a unique time of bonding for mother & son while building a climbing wallGuest post by Christ Church member Dawn Hawkins WeaverMy 20-year-old son Carter is a route setter at High Point Climbing and Fitness. At first, he thought he would be...

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The servant’s towel

Guest post by Rev. Dr. Chris Carter, Senior Associate Pastor and Executive Director, Men & Senior Adults Towels come in many sizes and styles and are useful in many ways. Just think about it: There are hand towels, bath towels, kitchen towels, shop towels, paper...

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